Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drib Drab

Last weekend we went to Eureka and it was just what the doctor ordered: hanging out with old friends, sunny day at the Kings River, collaborating on delicious meals, and walking around the town at night.

I ate morels for the first time! My friend Karen quartered them, batter & fried 'em (D.'s mom says that in the South, "If anything is still long enough, it'll get battered & fried.") and served them with garlic butter. If you're my grandmother reading this, cover your eyes - but HOLY SHIT! They were incredible! Hillbilly truffles! Alas, I took no pictures. I can't always be the food photojournalist I want to be.

It finally decided to give us a break and stop raining for two days in a row. Sunshine! Warmth! Rosebuds and dogwoods in bloom! Lilacs, too, for crying out loud! The delirium of SPRING all at once....it never loses its impact, year after year.

I'm feeling good. I think I'm getting the hang of creating and maintaining balance with regards to work/home/me/others/creative pursuits/guilty pleasures/simple/gourmet/sleep/exercise/social/private.

This coming weekend will be the only one in a month we'll be at home. Next weekend: CAMPING!


km said...

Where are you these days? I keep refreshing and there are no new posts. I need you for my daily dose!

Alannah said...

Sorry Kate! I've been working on that stupid crepe post for weeks...no time! Arggh. I'll post a bunch of photos tonight....too lazy and undisciplined to write those long posts anymore.

km said...

I would hardly call you lazy my dear. And, I forgive you because that crepe post is way good! Brings back memories. You know, we eat brussel sprouts ALL the time now? I never knew they could be so good if cooked the right way.