Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ozark As An Adjective

Last weekend we went camping. It was the most perfect weekend of the entire Spring to be outside, away from it all. D. couldn't come so we made a girls' weekend of it, driving out into the woods with Sunshine to meet up with a bunch of other families.

And, well...I took photos. On our way, we realized we would need hats so we stopped at a Fred's in Harrison and found cheap hats and sunglasses. Stella models:
We made poached eggs Saturday morning. No vinegar in your camping supplies? That's okay, just do what we did and use pickle juice! Worked perfectly.

I'm rooting for T-Rex. Those tiny little claws don't stand a chance.

Makeup removal in the tent. Naturally.

Delicious on a hot, gorgeous, lush, relaxed Saturday deep in the woods.

Sunshine napping in the back of our truck. Notice our blue tarp wall, protecting us from the portapotties.

Okay, this is quite a story. This tiny mouse was found inside the belly of a rattlesnake that some of the younger guys killed and skinned, with the original thought of cooking. IT WAS STILL ALIVE! These guys proceeded to spend the next five days squeezing milk from a sponge into its itsy mouth. It seemed to thrive and we thought little mouse would make it...but just didn't.

We're being followed.

These houses were all seen on the backroads somewhere far off the highway, and seriously in the woods. I fantasize about living this far away from everything....for a while.

The most beautiful swimming hole in the world. On the banks of Piney Creek.

The sign used to say "Downtown Optimus." Ha!

Sunshine entering Tommy's Famous in Mountain View. If you live in Arkansas and watch Austin City Limits, the underwriting plug for this restaurant always runs first. We ate one of their super delicious veggie pizzas. I love the deep indigo of the outside, with the bright turquoise of the door.

I can't wait to get away again. Maybe floating on the Kings this weekend?


tommy said...

Wow, i'm so jealous. that looks like so much fun. i hope i get a chance to go camping this summer...

km said...

Beautiful! Glad the weather was nice for you girls!

Stephanie said...

That is the prettiest swimming hole. And I love the turquoise and purple painted house. Some houses are just meant to be painted turquoise.