Thursday, April 09, 2009

True Story


COMES NOW the Petitioner, Alannah Alden, being duly sworn upon oath does state as follows:

1. My name is Alannah Alden, and I am of age and competent to testify herein.

2. I live at XXXX N. John Wayne Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

3. I was born on March 31, 1975 on a commune in Point Arena, California, to Stephen Whittaker Freegard and Linda Gail Robinson.

4. My parents were not married at the time of my birth.

5. My parents had taken names for themselves different from their birth names.

6. My birth father was using the name Garett Alden.

7. My birth mother was using the name Eroca Alden.

8. I was born at home, and no birth certificate was issued at the time of my birth.

9. My parents married on May 28, 1977, and applied for a birth certificate for me under the name Alannah Alden.

10. In 1978, my parents divorced and my mother was joined in a ceremony to Richard Glenn Massey.

11. I have three siblings, one full sister and two half sisters (children of my mother and Richard Massey), and all of us go by the last name of Massey.

12. I registered for school under the name Alannah Massey.

13. At some point after I started school, my mother applied for a social security card for me in the name of Alannah Massey.

14. As of this date, my social security card is issued in the name of Alannah Massey, my passport is issued in the name of Alannah Massey, and I file all of my taxes under Alannah Massey. My driver's license, however, has been under the name Alannah Alden, and recently I was informed that a new driver's license cannot be issued because of the discrepency between the name on my birth certificate and that on my social security card.

15. There are no objections to this name change as my mother is in agreement, and my birth father is deceased.

FURTHER Affiant sayeth not.


Alannah Alden (Massey), Petitioner

State of Arkansas )


County of Washington )


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, you should step in to my world of the whole name changeS (x4 to be exact). It has been a nightmare my entire life. I feel your pain.

You can just call me Stacey.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think this kind of affidavit just makes the day for the folks who process the paperwork for these types of things?

Jeff Mac, said...

So what point in the hearing do you declare yourself to be Flossie, now and heretofore?

Alannah said...

Jeff - it's a southern thing to have an official nickname, not legal, but official. When we were down in Rosebud last week for D.'s grandfather's funeral I was reading the other obituaries in the paper and, I'm not kidding, EVERY SINGLE PERSON mentioned, especially the surviving relatives, was labeled as such: First Name (nickname) Last Name.

So many parenthetical nicknames!!

marty said...

Martha (Marty) Carolyn Maxwell Lane with a recently discovered baby picture that indicated my middle name may at some point have been Caroline? (hoping this is surely a mistake. have to check with mom)My name is a daily drama: one legal name, one birth name, one professional name. AHH. I'm switching to a symbol.