Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Derby Day

I was so excited Saturday to realize that I didn't have any obligations and could watch The Kentucky Derby. I freakin' LOVE the footage of little, wiry foals running next to their mamas over rolling bluegrass hills. I decided to invite my friends Pearl and Emily over for lunch and to watch the festivities during that soggy, gray day.

I decided on a menu of quinoa salad and quesadillas filled with thinly sliced potatoes, asparagus, and gruyere cheese. As I was cooking those I also decided to throw some stuff together and make some cream & goat cheese/shiitake mushroom/ginger/scallion dumplings with a toasted sesame oil and soy dipping sauce.

Ingredient still life. Yeah, that's right. I posed my vegetables.

I got to use my mandolin!

Blanching the asparagus and potatoes. First they were in salted boiling water for about a minute for the potatoes and 30 seconds for the asparagus...

...then tossed in an ice water bath.

Grated gruyere.

Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas. So nutty and flavorful!

Just before I folded over the tortilla to make the quesadilla.

Bowl of cream cheese. To this I added some herbed goat cheese.
Chopped ginger and shiitake mushrooms. I sautéed them in butter and garlic until soft and added them to the cream cheese mixture. Then I added a handful of sliced green onion tops.

A dollop of the filling mix in the dumpling wrapper, and then you a wet finger around the outside and seal them tightly.

I made them like gyoza because I didn't want to fry them. So I toasted them in a pan until they were crispy on the outside. Then I poured a tiny bit of water in the pan and quickly put a lid on top to let them steam.

I completely forgot to take photos of my quinoa salad! Oh well...too bad. It was really good. I guess I forgot because the race was starting. And what a race it was!! A total underdog (underhorse?) came from dead last to win by nearly 7 lengths! At 50 to 1 odds! Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

All looks delicious. I hate quinoa but I bet you make it yummy. I love my mandolin! I just don't love when I add a marinade of blood to the veggies....