Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night there was an art show at Stella's school, where her art teacher hung some of the best works of the year. I hadn't seen most of her work this year so I was really eager to see what she'd been making. Junior high is so different from younger schools - they hang on to the works until the end of the year! I was used to Stella bringing things home every few weeks.

I was not disappointed. There are quite a few really talented artists at her school. I've always thought Stella had particular artistic talent (duh; I'm her mom) but she has really come into her own these past few years.

This is a print of an album cover. I think she did a tremendous job!

Her self-portrait collage. Stella makes collages a lot (it's my excuse for saving old magazines), but I really like this one!

Green color study - acrylic painting. My grandmother (Hi Mommom!) bought this one.

Okay, this is so cool. She took an old shoe and turned it into a rocketship!

Her teacher also gave them an introductory Photoshop lesson. This is what Stella made. It's too overexposed to really see the cool font she used for the word, "Remember." I love this one too!

I hope to make this a regular feature. She's got some amazing stuff in her room, too.

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Alisson said...

Stella is amazing! I like the green.