Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's My Sweetie!

This is my favorite photo of D. ever.

He's the one in the middle - in all his silver spandexed and dog-collared glory. This was back when he was a member of a teenage Judas Priest cover band, which in itself is pretty awesome.

I just love it so much.



km said...

They sell those in American Apparel now. Can you believe that?

Somehow Dave totally pulls it off. I have more respect for him now.

AMY said...

D just gets more and more awesome. That picture is amazing!!!

I Know Right? said...

He looks more like he could be in Thin Lizzy than a Priest cover band! but ohhhh how lovely is the foto! WOOT!!!

Alannah said...

Kate - you mean they sell the striped shirts (that I can imagine) or the spandex or the dog collars? I'm not surprised. Dave was a trend-setter!

If any of y'all have ever met or spoken with Dave then you know how funny this picture is because he's the sweetest, calmest, quiet guy. Not exactly the dog-collar, molester-mustache type. But it tickles me to know that deep in his history that person exists.

afro moon said...

I still can't believe Dave didn't remove this picture from your possession a long time ago.
but I'm glad he didn't!

I know he'll have to pry it from your cold dead hands.

Alannah said...

Hahahahaha! Last night he was all, "I have to kill you now; do you know why?" and I honestly didn't know what he was talking about. When he reminded me that I posted this picture, I promised him that everyone else would treasure it as much as I do.

Give the man some love! He's wearing SILVER SPANDEX, for crying out loud! And not for a Halloween costume! How many other boyfriends/husbands can claim that?

km said...

I meant the silver spandex. I saw a girl in San Francisco wearing them as pants with a tight shirt and a belt around the shirt. It was NOT pretty, and not nearly as pretty as Dave!

You can tell him I said so :)

AMD said...

I love that photo! Got to see it in person! Yayayayayay!