Thursday, June 11, 2009


Dear hate-filled, delusional, gun-toting bigots,

Please leave my country. Immediately.

Sincerely (extremely sincerely),

Seriously - WTF is going on lately? George Tiller, the Army recruiting office in my own state of Arkansas, the Holocaust this some kind of latent reaction to our new president? A sign of increasingly angry and violent fringe groups?

Whatever it is, I want it to stop. I would be more than happy to organize mass tolerance and diversity workshops....or just send them all to Gitmo.

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I Know Right? said...

no no dear Alannah, no more Gitmo, its too good for them anyway, in this instance, I condone sending all these BackwaterRacistWhackoFuckjobs to Uber Secret CIA holding facilities in some crazy country. They are all for those kinds of things anyway, why not let them experience them firsthand?