Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Association

Get ready for lots of sentence fragments.

Crazy busy here; no time to craft a well-written elegy for Michael Jackson. He was my first love, though. I was infatuated, deeply in love with him when I was eight or nine years old. I was convinced that if I wrote him enough fan letters that he would meet me and insist on marrying me right away and Janet and LaToya would be the coolest sisters-in-law in the world. All my girlfriends love him as much as I did. There was a shop in downtown Eureka Springs that sold all manner of Michael Jackson paraphernalia. We were all over things like lavender pleather slouchy purses with his photo screenprinted on the front, huge posters (the yellow sweater vest poster and the Beat It jacket ones being the most popular).

Even after all these years, his music is what you want to play when you want every last person on the dancefloor.

Rest In Peace, Michael. I mean that. Your life seemed anything but peaceful and I believe you carried around a great deal of emotional pain. Please know that your music brought happiness to the entire world and that is incredibly special.


marty said...

"Even after all these years, his music is what you want to play when you want every last person on the dancefloor."

--Absolutely true. I <3 MJ.

AMD said...

Alannah, it's such a relief to find another person who is as sad as I am. I feel like I've been defending my right to be upset about our loss since Thursday.

I made an MJ poster to put up @ the Eclipse Glasses/Cool Shoes event on Friday. I was jammin' on the dance floor when some youngster came up to me and asked if I wanted to sign the poster. I was like WHAT. I looked over and all of these people were crowded around it waiting their turn to sign it. You would think that would be awesome, but it was the most hateful stuff! Me, the emotional wreck, just kinda stood on the floor (in the round) shaking my head shaking my head.


Blandina said...

apparently, i am too retarded to figure out how to blog on facebook. but here is my tribute, posted to LJ.

Last week, many of us were saddened by the unexpected passing of the 80s icon, Michael Jackson. The Gloved One wanted to rock with you and urged us to not stop 'til we got enough. Despite his downfall, he was--and will always be remembered as-- a consummate entertainer.

And so without further ado, I share with you my 20+ year-old Michael Jackson tribute. Please forgive the perm; I was, after all, one of the ladies of the 80s.

Thanks to my uncle, who was the cameraman and narrator, and unearthed this from the vaults.