Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not All Doom and Gloom

Far from it, actually. Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

Okay, so everyone in Fayetteville will know what I'm talking about here. This was the night of the crazy sky. I've seen much better photos of it, but had to at least take a stab at capturing it.

Two weeks ago, we took students to Silver Dollar City. Stella came with us. We hadn't been in like six years. It's silly, overpriced, and tacky and we wouldn't have it any other way!
At the end of a long day of crappy food, roller coasters, and water rides.
We drove through Beavertown. I am forever in love with this bridge.

Last weekend we spent the Summer Solstice driving out to my favorite spot probably in all of Arkansas: the Kings River. Something changes inside me, deep into my tissues and cells, when I start driving down Rockhouse Road. I can feel my body relaxing, my brain slowing down, my thoughts untangling....

Stella took most of these photos:
Here's Stella's friend Chloe. I love her. And not just because we share a birthday. But that helps.

We sat in the sun and swam for hours. Stella and Chloe kayaked downriver and then paddled back upriver. We made sushi for Jessica's birthday.

I am hungry all over again looking at this. It was SO GOOD. You can't even believe how delicious these rolls were.
I also let Stella practice driving on the dirt roads. It's the best way to learn - no traffic, you have to drive slowly...

See? There's a lot of good out there.


Anonymous said...

When I was 14 I did not get to go kayaking on any rivers or driving on any back roads or eat sushi with my mom... Stella is so lucky to have you!

AMD said...

That photo of Stella laying down rice for rolling -- the lighting is so good! What beautiful children!