Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not A Lot...

You'd better prepare a big cup of coffee (or dose of amphetamines) before reading any further. That's how stimulating my life has been.

I've got to hand it to D., though. Maybe he's been taking amphetamines or maybe he's just been super-motivated, but he has been a whirlwind of activity and production the past few weeks. He's transformed the garage from a dark, moth-ridden den of junk piles into an organized storage space/practice space/recording space/man cave. He sectioned it off, put up framing, insulation, dry wall, and siding. He painted the new walls and then laid flooring. It's amazing. I really should've taken Before pictures because the Afters will blow your mind.

I've been watching a lot of movies from my sick bed (thank the lord for Netflix Watch Instantly - I love you and anxiously await the addition of new titles). Puccini For Beginners, Man On Wire, Interview, Sex and Lucia, oh and I finally saw the Grindhouse movies: Planet Terror and Death Proof. I normally don't like gross-out scenes, murders, rapes, or a lot of blood but I LOVED those flicks. There was something in the sleazy, fun, 70s-era energy that I just really enjoyed. Maybe I was in the right mindset. Maybe I just get a kick out of Quinten Tarantino (always have). It's not like any of the violence was realistic, either.

More than anything, I've just been gearing up for my insane summer season at work. Look out, 80-hour weeks - here I come!

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km said...

I LOVED Man on Wire