Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dispatches From the Road

D. and I are in Texas, on our way to Colorado with a brief stop in New Mexico. *cue Cyndi Lauper* We drove all night and are pretending we're not about to collapse from fatigue. We're still young, dammit.

I've got to make this short as I'm composing this entirely from my phone.

D. is a hundred times cuter than normal because he's never been out West before and everything is new to him. We walked through some scrub brush just now and he was convinced that every insect noise was a rattlesnake. I've also learned that at one point in time he owned a pair of black suede cowboy boots. This man is such a mystery, y'all.

We're about to check out Cadillac Ranch.



afro moon said...

I'm so glad you two are able to take a summer vacation together. Dave is going to love the mountains!

AMD said...

ha ha @ dave!