Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Naturally Beautiful

This is the bar at the new Greenhouse Grille, which is probably my favorite restaurant in Fayetteville. I say "new" because they just moved from their small, original location to the much bigger old (and very much missed) La Maison des Tartes location in the Mill District building. The actual bar is cement with things like paper and coffee grounds in it for color and texture. Then there's a really thick, shiny lacquer on top. Way back there you can also see my sister, Jessy. She works hard for the money, y'all. Her boutique, Good Things, is also one of my favorite places. I don't care if I am biased - she has incredible taste and I could happily own just about everything in there.
In this economy it's even more important to support local businesses. These two make me really happy to live where I live.


AMD said...

Are we going to these places when I visit?

Jessy at Good Things said...

Awe, so sweet you are! I cannot wait to spend some time on the other side of that bar with you!