Monday, September 28, 2009

Embarrassment of Riches

It's a supreme understatement to say that I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing, inspiring, talented, strong, witty, intelligent women.

A bunch of us gathered this weekend to celebrate the birthday of Jude and the new house of her sister. The weather was perfect and it was one of those weekends in which the stars aligned, allowing just about everyone to be able to come for the whole weekend and providing the most beautiful weather we've seen in a month.

Paula brought a rainbow of sweet peppers:Maria came over on Saturday to prepare sopes from scratch. On the right you see her impressive stack of homemade tortillas. On the left you can see how she pressed the tortillas when they're warm and fresh to make a little ridge around the edge - to keep the sauce from spilling over.
Here is a finished sope, topped with a fresh sauce made from freshly sauteed tomatoes, chiles, and garlic, ranchero cheese, and shredded cilantro and lettuce. SO GOOD! I could happily eat these every single day of my life.

Heck yes we did typical "girls weekend" things like braiding hair!
Gonzai, the Shiba Inu, and Bella, the Tibetan Spaniel-mix, collapsed in the shade.
This guy is seriously cute, and seriously stinky after he carried a freshly-killed mole (or maybe a vole?) up the hill and proceeded to roll around in it.
Oh, the effort involved in lifting up her's exhausting.
Gonzai smiles when he's happy!
Sunday was deliriously beautiful and warm. We gathered up chairs and flotation devices and walked down to the river.
I've never seen it up so high in September.
Sacnite with "her Jude"....her abuela.
Molly marveled at the smooth, "perfect" stick.
Colin and Kristen. It's really not fair. Kristen had bronchitis, and still managed to be beautiful inside and out.

I feel energized, spiritual and emotional tank no longer hanging out at E.

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riverdreamingcrone said...

I really should keep up! I'm happy to see photos from the weekend.. it was such a wonderful time, I'm thinking .. you know Craig goes on a trip every fall.

I'd love to see the rest of your photos.

So glad you were here.