Monday, September 21, 2009

Minor Improvements

I finally got in the spare bedroom and dragged all my boxes of old magazines and ripped ad copy and newspaper headlines from the hall closet into that little room. I set up a card table and got to work, tossing a lot of old pieces into the recycle bin and putting together some new pieces.

I don't think for a minute that this concept is new or unique. Plenty of other artists (Jenny Holzer, perhaps most famously) have done it bigger and better. But I have so much fun cutting apart phrases and reworking them to say things that amuse me and placing them on images that either reinforce or ironically contradict the rearranged captions.

And of course a few obligatory Rocket pics. I wish Chickie would hurry up and be friends with him instead of stalking and trying to attack him.


Stacy said...

Fabulous! "Birth control" is my favorite. I have some old collages I made many moons ago; I should dig those out (...assuming I can find them).

And of course I love your little Rocket man. :)

AMD said...

Dear Santa: I want a Rocket coffee mug for xmas!

carolyn says said...

i find the bubble bath one sort of sinister, which is why i like it

also i like rocket although he does not look sinister at all