Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rachel Maddow in a Razorback Hat!

This might be a dream come true...if it weren't for such frustrating reasons, namely our so-called Blue Dog Democrats (Blanche Lincoln and Mike Ross) coming out AGAINST the public option in any healthcare reform bill...against their constituents' wishes.

The Razorback hat moment arrives around 5:50, but watch the whole thing to learn about an iffy real estate transaction that leads us to believe that Rep. Ross isn't thinking about his constituents as much as his campaign coffers.

Arkansas voters - you can contact Mike Ross here and Blanche Lincoln here.

For good measure, you can also contact Mark Pryor here and John Boozman here.

I've written them all, plus the president, in the past few weeks. I urge you to do so as well. It's simple and easy. I am extremely frustrated with health insurance and our entire health care system. Every month I ask myself if I should cancel my health insurance because the coverage is so dismal, the premiums are so high, as are the co-pays...but I don't BASED ON FEAR. It's ridiculous and I keep holding out that a reasonable new system will be put in place and I don't have to continue throwing money away every month.

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ste-pha-nie said...

No one can look better in a Razorback hat than her - she rocks.
If there is a public option, in my opinion, it should also cover illegal immigrants. It should cover everyone. Just my opinion.
If there is no public option, there should be some other coop - or private type option that would enable everyone (every single person) to have access to health care insurance - and health care.