Thursday, September 03, 2009

This Is So Late It's Practically Irrelevant...

The best thing about getting a scant five days away from work (yes, people...I am STILL talking about my "vacation" last month. Last. Month. sad, sad sad) is that it gave me time to catch up on my favorite things - reading, listening to music, watching movies or television, cooking, eating, hanging out with my favorite people.

A few recommendations:

A Family Daughter by Maile Meloy. Looky at me! I read a whole novel! My rate has been about one a year. That is so pathetic. I think I'll have to forfeit my English degree if this keeps up. But this book was really good. Simple (but not simplistic), deceptively short chapters (meaning she crammed so many good, complex things into such short sentences and paragraphs), and intriguing, flawed, interesting characters. Apparently this novel is a companion piece to her first, Liars and Saints. Whoops. Looks like I read them backwards. Fitting.

Okay so I have never been a particularly tech-y kind of girl. Yes, I love computers and the internet and downloading stuff, but I don't live and breathe that sort of stuff. I didn't have my own cell phone until nearly 2007. HOWEVER - that all went out the window when I got my iPhone. Y'all? I love this gadget more than life itself. I do. It is the answer to the prayers I didn't even know I had. And it is even more useful than ever before (if such a thing is possible) on road trips. When I took the bus trip with the Kenyan, Nigerian, and South African students to Washington D.C. I was able to check work emails all day long. On our Colorado trip, I used the Google maps function daily and played about two thousand games of Solitaire. The Urbanspoon application is one of my favorites. It never steered us wrong, and allowed us to have many delicious meals in strange places. I also stocked up on podcasts to listen to on the road. A few favorites from last month are the Puppies Behind Bars episode of Fresh Air (I dare you not to cry throughout the entire show), the Wal Mart and the "Brave New World of Business" episode of Fresh Air (especially interesting to those of us who live in Wal Mart's backyard), and many many of The Moth podcasts.

I promise to be better about writing. I've been cooking a lot but not taking photos, so it seems wrong to write about those meals. I'm also pretty excited about television (Mad Men, True Blood, Top Chef Las Vegas) lately. But maybe not so much to write about.

My daughter is AWESOME. She is exactly the kind of person you'd want to have in this world.

So yeah. There you have it.

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