Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Too Much of Everything

Maybe it's the transition of seasons, but I'm feeling very frustrated and restless these days.

I think I'm also feeling very weighed down. Literally (extra weight I've gained in the past few years that I cannot seem to get rid of), and figuratively (TOO MUCH CLUTTER AND STUFF CONSTANTLY SURROUNDING ME). I think it's time for a purge. I think it may be time for a simultaneous Master Cleanse and massive yard sale.

It makes me sick to look around and see so much stuff. It's suffocating me and makes me feel guilty for being such an over-consumer.

One small twinkle of positive change - I bought a compost bin a few weeks ago. Next Spring and Summer I envision a healthy garden, nourished by the compost from all our food and yard waste. I'm suffering from months and years of being too busy and lazy and consumed with work and not enough time spent doing things with my hands - making art, digging in the dirt, growing and creating organic goodness. My psyche and body and creativity have atrophied long enough.

Future activities I'm looking forward to:
- David Sedaris on October 13
- Weekend at a vacation rental house by the lake with good friends at the end of October
- The big stack of books I checked out from the library...lots of ambitious reading
- Dinner with my grandmother tonight. The ingredients are from various gardens and the meat from my great-uncle's cattle.

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Stacy said...

Oh man, I know this feeling. Strangely, I still think of myself as a something of a minimalist despite all of the clutter in my house. At some point it just becomes smothering and then it's time for a big drop-off at the thrift store. Yet more crap always appears! Lather, rinse, repeat.