Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What did we do before Amazon customer reviews?

We battle ants every spring but because it's been raining for the past 45 days straight (or at least feels like it), the ants have come back! Worse than ever! Last weekend some friends recommended an ant bait called Terro that you can get at Walgreen's. At first I was skeptical because it's so low tech - a bottle of sugary poison and some perforated cardboard strips on to which you dab the liquid. Within minutes the ants SWARM those drops. I was freaking out. It was an ant party out of control (see below), and it was all I could do not to get out my spray and wipe them all away. But I took a deep breath, logged on to Amazon and read many, many accounts similar to mine. I knew I had to patiently wait for the ants to take the boric acid back to their compound in order to get to the whole nest.

I woke up this morning to significantly fewer ants. I'm hoping this works for good. Then I will write my own testimonial. You certainly can't beat the price of Terro.

Our bathroom. I can't even look at this without getting twitchy and panicky.


carolyn said...

Hi Sufferin' Succotash - I work in public relations for TERRO and enjoyed your blog post and photos! Your ant problem will soon be a thing of the past; the ants in your house are busy taking the bait back to the queen even as I write this. We'd like to send you a complimentry sample of TERRO's Indoor Liquid Ant Bait! If interested, email me at carolyn@ryan-pr.com.

Alannah said...

I'm so excited that the first schwag I'll get as a result of my blog is ant bait!!

AMD said...

This is the meaning of FEAR_ANTS

riverdreamingcrone said...

I've used terro for years.
It works like a charm. I am not much of a poison user.. but I cannot abide the ants!!
From big fat carpenter ants to the tiny ones that my aunt Jean called "piss ants", it takes care of them.
I wonder if it works on fire ants in TX?

Jennifer Erwin said...

oh god oh god oh god oh god