Friday, October 02, 2009

God Help Me...

If this kitten weren't so stinkin' cute I would have gotten rid of him days ago.

He's taken to using my indoor potted plants as litter boxes. Mind you, he still uses the litter box...and goes outside for the same purpose...but he really prefers the soft, fresh dirt of my potted plants!

How can I discourage this from happening? I wrapped the base of the plant, covering the top of the pot, in aluminum foil. I thought that might stop him but really all it does is give an audible clue as to when he gets in there and starts digging. I scream and holler and he runs off, so he knows better...he just can't help himself.

But look at him up there, nestled in D.'s arms! Who can resist???

1 comment:

riverdreamingcrone said...

When you hear him in there, use a squirt bottle on him, set on stream. It works for some cats. ">)