Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time Is Not On My Side

My sister is on my case for not writing in a while. There's good reason for this.

We had a one day turnover between terms. That means 13 students depart on Friday, and 33 new ones arrive on Saturday and Sunday. That's rough. Way too many 4:00am airport runs followed by 11pm airport arrivals. I'm getting too old for this. Speaking of which...and this will likely be the proverbial TMI for many of you (you know who you are - and you can stop right here if you'd like), but I think I'm perimenopausal. Do I have an official diagnosis? Of course not! Who needs those in the days of WebMD and Wikipedia??'s on my list of Things To Do Once I Get Paid. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate my insurance that charges outrageous premiums and co-pays? HEALTHCARE REFORM NOW! And fuck that Republican in disguise Blanche Lincoln. So much for the sisterhood. But anyway, back to my dwindling periods and biological clock that is ticking more like a time bomb than a clock inside my uterus. No one warns you that as you enter into your mid-30s that a fresh kind of panic sets in...the "you only have so many child-bearing years left" panic. Even if you don't necessarily want children right away, the knowledge that you probably won't be able to have them much longer makes you (and by "you," I mean "me") want one so badly you can't see straight. BABIES!!!!! My body craves one like a physical addiction.

Speaking of of my new students called me the other night in a lot of pain and freaking out. She kept saying she had pain in her "womb." I assumed she must have some sort of endometriosis-type ailment. After a long wait at the ER and no doctor in sight, we decided to dose her with Ibuprofen and go home for the night. The next day I took her to the women's clinic on campus where it was determined that no, her womb was not involved at all - she had acute appendicitis. So it was back to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Never a dull moment, y'all.

The one evening in the past two weeks that I had free, I spent in Eureka Springs at the Auditorium watching one of my favorite bands, The Maybelles. I am totally biased, as each one of the members is a good friend. Their new songs are really great and I look forward to seeing them all year long. I was worried how these photos would turn out, considering that I don't have a zoom lens and the lighting and stage had a minimal look. But I really like how it looks like they might be playing in a void. The focus was just on the three of them, their beautiful music, and incredible voices.

Jan Bell's beautiful smile and Katy Rose taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.


I Know Right? said...

wow.. a lot on the plate A! But thank goodness you updated. You know yours is one of the first I ALWAYS CHECK when i am reading updates!! SHEESH!!!


km said...

Thank you thank you thank you for writing! I check at least twice a day! I'm sorry you're so busy. How much time do you get off for the holidays?