Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Upgrade Fever

One of the nicest surprises when I was in Washington D.C. for the African students' conference back in August was discovering that they'd put my hotel room on the Concierge Floor. Basically this meant that I had free WiFi and access to the concierge lounge, which had a fully stocked bar, full breakfast buffet, and happy hour appetizer spread every day. I was too busy to take advantage of most of the perks, but it felt so nice to know they were available nonetheless.

I had a similar experience last Friday when I was taking my students on the usual trip to Little Rock. I went to check into my hotel room and at first thought I couldn't find my room. Well that's because the hotel manager very sweetly booked me into the Presidential Suite! I bring students to this hotel every single time we visit, so I guess he was making me feel like a valued customer.

I think I really did gasp when I saw the whirlpool tub in the middle of the room. A bubbly bath was exactly what I needed after driving an 11-passenger van the 3+ hour drive and then visiting various destinations in the city.

Check out my room! I was kind of bummed that D. couldn't come with me on this trip and enjoy it with me.

I snuck away from the students and had a deeelicious and fun dinner with Ai Lien, her boyfriend, and sister. She has completely transformed my work days into something I needn't dread nor despise. We keep an ongoing commentary throughout the a MST3K for our lives. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's saved me on many an occasion. Anyway, it's even more fun when I get to see her in the flesh and share in our favorite activities - eating and talking.

The next morning we went to the Clinton Presidential Museum and Library. I realized this was my 15th visit. I still haven't seen it all and I'm not quite sick of it yet! Amazing!

The students always get a big kick out of this painting of Bill and Hillary Clinton as African nobility. Ha!

After the Clinton Museum we can now just walk over to the new Heifer Village. They have a great interactive set-up inside. If it weren't for the overzealously annoying employee inside (No, I DON'T want to fill out a comment card or take a tour today - trust me...I know my students and I come here all the time!), it would have been a perfect visit.

Sunday, my only full day of the weekend due to the Little Rock trip, was also full. D. and I went to a benefit for Michael Garrett, a very talented singer and songwriter from Eureka, who has massive medical bills from a very unfortunate fall. Can you imagine being a guitar player and carpenter and breaking both arms? Me neither.

Unfortunately, the perfect weather we had in Little Rock didn't stick around and it was cold and rainy all day long. So much for outdoor music starting at 1:00pm! They did manage to still have the cake walk, but I was cold and cranky and starting to come down with something. D. was just happy to drive anywhere in his new vehicle, a Hyandai Santa Fe that looks just like this minus the cool background:

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Stephanie said...

You totally deserve it!! I'm glad you got upgraded, that is the best treat. I still haven't been to the Clinton Museum - I can't wait to go. And to D.C. Maybe next spring break.