Friday, November 06, 2009

Lookin' Good

Last week I went to the sort of thing that usually makes my skin crawl - a "ladies night out" event at a big convention center up in Rogers. All these local businesses and Wal Mart vendors were on hand to give away samples and hawk their wares and services. There was a terrible thunderstorm that night and Stephanie and I risked our lives in getting there...but we did make it in one piece, albeit a little late. We rushed around trying to figure out what was going on and how we could get entered into the door prize giveaways. The vendor fair thing was closing up but we did manage to get free bags of Terra Chips, some Celestial Seasonings green tea bags, and two cases each of Yoplait yogurt. Um, yay?

My main reason for going was to see my sister show some pieces from her boutique. She was one of the last to go on, unfortunately and I had sick ones at home to attend to, so Stephanie and I found her and her models backstage. I did manage a few snaps of these gorgeous women and my sister's fantastic clothes, however:(That's my sister, Jessy, in the middle in black. She can really strike a pose, huh?)

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