Friday, January 29, 2010

All For You

I went on a 30 minute walk earlier and took some photos - for you, dear readers. Just kidding. For me too. I love taking photos in the snow. I love walking in the snow. The cold doesn't really bother me if I'm moving. Plus snow is so far superior to ice that I'm sort of wildly in love with it right now.

Little Rocket in diver pose! He's got the right idea...

Deep Breath

Okay, the power is holding for now. It continues to sleet though. But still! We have power! And warmth! It's NOT going to be as bad as last year' is not. Maybe I can now stop twitching and panicking from the remembered trauma of last year.

Lucy doesn't much care for walking on top of the ice.Looking up our street. If you remember last year's photos (also taken about 24 hours after the ice started), then you can clearly see that it's not as destructive. You can also see the stump of my neighbor's tree that split down the middle (beware the Bradford Pears, people - they may grow fast and look pretty but they are weak in constitution!).
Or as thick on the tree buds.

They're saying that this ice will transition to snow. It can't happen soon enough. Love the snow - HATE THE ICE!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Coming. It's Almost Here!

The ice storm that nearly destroyed me is coming back! The same exact week as last year's. If I lose power again for five and a half days I will kill myself. Or maybe my family first, so I can live off their bodies a la Alive. Yuck. Why did I go there? THIS IS WHAT THIS SINISTER FOREBODING DOES TO ME.

The only thing that's good about this is the evil satisfaction of knowing the D. will have to suffer along with us this year. Last year he was in Texas and missed the whole dang thing.

I hate ice!!!

You Make The Call

Rehab Clinic name or Lifetime movie title?
  • Not Like Everyone Else
  • Dare To Love
  • Hope By The Sea
  • Northern Lights
  • Azure Acres
  • Plantation General
  • The Colony
  • Personal Indiscretions
  • Primary Purpose
  • Sundown Ranch
  • Stand Against Fear
  • Seasons of the Heart
  • Dare U To Care
  • My Stepson, My Lover
(oh how I wish that last one were a rehab clinic....)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Get This Going

I thought of this term some time ago but only recently have really started telling others and encouraging usage. How do you make a slang term popular anyway? I mean, without having to reread The Tipping Point?

This term is Palomino, used to describe the epidemic of people who are equally addicted to fake tans and hair bleach, leaving their skin an otherwordly orange and hair a neon yellow/white. They end up looking just like the horse. Am I right?

Queen of the Palominos
Princess of the Palominos
This is a herd of palominos (thanks Kelly!):

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Night Shortz

So this commercial is pretty awesome:

I love the jackass who is eavesdropping on the girls at the party. I can just imagine the brainstorming session for this ad..."Let's see, we need to appeal to everyone: old people, creeps, voyeurs, unobservant moms, church goers, hunters, and those who aren't afraid to go out in public wearing a Bluetooth." Well done, ad agency that specializes in made for TV products!

...and speaking of creeps, how many more months left before it's way too creepy for me to love Michael Cera? What? I'm eight years past the limit? Damn it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Slob la blah

I have spent the past nine hours cleaning my house. I'm not exaggerating. It's the kind of cleaning that I should do all the time, but really only manage it every three months or so. It's the kind of cleaning that I dread and dread but once I start I get into it, and then I get obsessed and become focused like a laser beam on DIRT and CLUTTER and DISORGANIZATION. I will not rest until every single corner of every single room is clean and orderly. It's a wonderful, terrifying feeling when it takes hold.

Because we have a fireplace and a dog and two cats (and a teenager...and two insanely busy adults), my biggest battle is with the constant layer of dusty crud that settles into everything. My second biggest battle is the clutter slippery slope. When I undergo one of these cleaning trances and get everything organized, it's easy to keep up for at least a few days...then a week goes by and some dishes get left out over night...then after a month the sooty dust has returned...and huge dog hair dust bunnies. Next thing I know I'm finding empty Hot Tamale boxes under my pillow when I wake up and am completely covered in dog hair like a balding Bigfoot.

Today, was the day everything got wiped and scrubbed and put away and thrown away and organized. Praise the lord!

And even though it's almost midnight and I have to get up in six hours, I can't rest until it's all done, mattress pad washed and a fresh duvet.

PS - That's a huge Simple Pleasure - going to sleep in a clean room with clean, warm sheets and pillows.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Christina called me at 8:30 this morning to say she was in labor "for real" this time. I've been waiting, not very patiently, for this call all day every day this past week. Saturday morning - what perfect timing! I made a cup of coffee and got right over there. By 11:45 she was holding her new beautiful boy. Like my niece, he was born in a birthing tub. Actually, now that I think about it, all three births that I've been fortunate to attend (as an adult) have been water births.

Water births seem so much calmer and more peaceful! This was fucking amazing. There is true magic in the moment when a new, breathing, squirming, little human comes into the room. With body fuzz and tiny fingernails and squashed pink faces. I will probably cry again just thinking about it.

And how incredible for me, who had Christina right next to me when Stella was born, to be able to do the same thing for her. I feel so very blessed and overjoyed and high from the whole experience.

Then this evening I went to the airport and picked up my Stella who was returning from her week in Orlando with the G/T students. She had "the best week" of her life. Even though we couldn't really afford it, I'm really so glad we were able to send her. You can't put a price on some experiences.

This little guy is worth everything in the world:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coolest thing I learned over my holiday break: if you line a pan with aluminum foil, then put in all your tarnished silver jewelry, making sure it's all touching each other, then add salt, baking soda, and nearly boiling water you will be AMAZED at the difference. So much easier than trying to polish intricate jewelry or chains. Science is cool.

Two other things I learned that kind of turned my world upside down and will require a looooong time to unlearn: that "myriad of" is grammatically correct, and that it's now bad form to insert two spaces after a period. Damn it!! There goes one of my biggest grammar pet peeves AND a lifelong typing habit.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just A Comparison

Right now the headline on BBC News - The Americas is Explosives Alert Closes US Port: A major US port in North Carolina is closed after containers carrying explosive material are found to be punctured.

Sounds pretty important, huh? Wouldn't you like to know more about this possible threat?

Okay, just to compare. Here's the main headline on "America's Most Trusted News Source," CNN - Opinion: Pillory or Pardon? about Mark McGwire using steroids when he beat the home run record.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Twenty Ten

Oh who the heck am I kidding? It's too late now for all my end of the year and decade ruminations. I'm sure I was just going to highlight some major changes. What I probably wouldn't mention would be how much I've slid into complacency. But I have. Slid and slid and slid.

So I proclaim this next year The Year of Simple Pleasures.

I kind of naturally started celebrating this theme over my holiday break. I mean yeah, I overindulged in horrific ways (sugar, fat, alcohol, sloth, television, awwww yeah) but I also took the entire week to spend exactly the way I wanted. Sometimes that selfishness wasn't so good (not seeing friends in town b/c I didn't want to leave the house) but usually it was wonderful.

I made a bunch of jewelry. Pictures forthcoming. (?)

So as I ease into some fairly drastic Lifestyle Changes this winter and spring, please help me by listing your favorite Simple Pleasures (sounds like a nasty cheap candle scent, though, doesn't it?). If I start to feel hopeless or my shoulders start hunching by themselves, I'll read and reread this list...and keep adding to it:

1. Building and maintaining a fire
2. English Breakfast tea with milk & honey
3. Refreshing sleep
4. The xx (my new favorite band)
5. apples with peanut butter
6. Talking with Ai Lien
7. Cats! Kittens! Felines!
8. Butternut squash as a main ingredient
9. painted fingernails
10. Stretching
11. Cowgirl boots
12. Taking pictures
13. Cracking myself up
14. Sparkly gemstones organized in little compartments
15. Board games
16. When D. wants to hold my hand when we're on a walk (gag! This is so sappy.)
17. Great live music (aside: Stella and I and some friends are going to see Lil Wayne in Little Rock tomorrow night!)
18. Which reminds me...doing fun things with Stella
19. Quilts
20. Fennel

I've got a shit-ton of photographs to upload. When I get even lazier and writer-blocked next week, I'll post them.

But here are two of my favorite songs by The xx: