Friday, January 29, 2010

Deep Breath

Okay, the power is holding for now. It continues to sleet though. But still! We have power! And warmth! It's NOT going to be as bad as last year' is not. Maybe I can now stop twitching and panicking from the remembered trauma of last year.

Lucy doesn't much care for walking on top of the ice.Looking up our street. If you remember last year's photos (also taken about 24 hours after the ice started), then you can clearly see that it's not as destructive. You can also see the stump of my neighbor's tree that split down the middle (beware the Bradford Pears, people - they may grow fast and look pretty but they are weak in constitution!).
Or as thick on the tree buds.

They're saying that this ice will transition to snow. It can't happen soon enough. Love the snow - HATE THE ICE!


The Celestron said...

Sorry about being preachy with The Secret. I just thought that it might help to be positive and not dwell on the negatives of the past.

I'm glad you didn't lose your power!


Alannah said...

Naw, don't worry about it. I do think it helps to have a positive outlook...but think the concept of "positive attracts positive" is bullshit...known too many people who've had random acts of crap, negativity, violence, etc happen to them in return for their good acts and positive thinking. I also think The Secret is just another fad designed to bilk well-meaning upper middle class women.