Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Get This Going

I thought of this term some time ago but only recently have really started telling others and encouraging usage. How do you make a slang term popular anyway? I mean, without having to reread The Tipping Point?

This term is Palomino, used to describe the epidemic of people who are equally addicted to fake tans and hair bleach, leaving their skin an otherwordly orange and hair a neon yellow/white. They end up looking just like the horse. Am I right?

Queen of the Palominos
Princess of the Palominos
This is a herd of palominos (thanks Kelly!):


afro moon said...

No, thank you for the best new slang term of 010!

Marty Maxwell Lane said...

love it.

Matthew said...

Sorry, it wouldn't let me use the img HTML tag. Hope you enjoy these!