Monday, January 18, 2010

Slob la blah

I have spent the past nine hours cleaning my house. I'm not exaggerating. It's the kind of cleaning that I should do all the time, but really only manage it every three months or so. It's the kind of cleaning that I dread and dread but once I start I get into it, and then I get obsessed and become focused like a laser beam on DIRT and CLUTTER and DISORGANIZATION. I will not rest until every single corner of every single room is clean and orderly. It's a wonderful, terrifying feeling when it takes hold.

Because we have a fireplace and a dog and two cats (and a teenager...and two insanely busy adults), my biggest battle is with the constant layer of dusty crud that settles into everything. My second biggest battle is the clutter slippery slope. When I undergo one of these cleaning trances and get everything organized, it's easy to keep up for at least a few days...then a week goes by and some dishes get left out over night...then after a month the sooty dust has returned...and huge dog hair dust bunnies. Next thing I know I'm finding empty Hot Tamale boxes under my pillow when I wake up and am completely covered in dog hair like a balding Bigfoot.

Today, was the day everything got wiped and scrubbed and put away and thrown away and organized. Praise the lord!

And even though it's almost midnight and I have to get up in six hours, I can't rest until it's all done, mattress pad washed and a fresh duvet.

PS - That's a huge Simple Pleasure - going to sleep in a clean room with clean, warm sheets and pillows.


Matthew said...

"Slob la blah?" Sounds an awful lot like Bob Loblaw, attorney at law! Arrested Development was such an awesome show. Shame it was too intelligent for television.

Alannah said...

Yes! that was definitely my reference. Don't forget Bob Loblaw's law blog!