Friday, January 08, 2010

Twenty Ten

Oh who the heck am I kidding? It's too late now for all my end of the year and decade ruminations. I'm sure I was just going to highlight some major changes. What I probably wouldn't mention would be how much I've slid into complacency. But I have. Slid and slid and slid.

So I proclaim this next year The Year of Simple Pleasures.

I kind of naturally started celebrating this theme over my holiday break. I mean yeah, I overindulged in horrific ways (sugar, fat, alcohol, sloth, television, awwww yeah) but I also took the entire week to spend exactly the way I wanted. Sometimes that selfishness wasn't so good (not seeing friends in town b/c I didn't want to leave the house) but usually it was wonderful.

I made a bunch of jewelry. Pictures forthcoming. (?)

So as I ease into some fairly drastic Lifestyle Changes this winter and spring, please help me by listing your favorite Simple Pleasures (sounds like a nasty cheap candle scent, though, doesn't it?). If I start to feel hopeless or my shoulders start hunching by themselves, I'll read and reread this list...and keep adding to it:

1. Building and maintaining a fire
2. English Breakfast tea with milk & honey
3. Refreshing sleep
4. The xx (my new favorite band)
5. apples with peanut butter
6. Talking with Ai Lien
7. Cats! Kittens! Felines!
8. Butternut squash as a main ingredient
9. painted fingernails
10. Stretching
11. Cowgirl boots
12. Taking pictures
13. Cracking myself up
14. Sparkly gemstones organized in little compartments
15. Board games
16. When D. wants to hold my hand when we're on a walk (gag! This is so sappy.)
17. Great live music (aside: Stella and I and some friends are going to see Lil Wayne in Little Rock tomorrow night!)
18. Which reminds me...doing fun things with Stella
19. Quilts
20. Fennel

I've got a shit-ton of photographs to upload. When I get even lazier and writer-blocked next week, I'll post them.

But here are two of my favorite songs by The xx:


Stephanie said...

I love your list of simple pleasures. And the music! You have through your picks introduced me to so much cool stuff to listen to, so I don't just listen to Zeppelin and the Beatles forever (not that that would suck) - I love the sound of the XX.

I am inspired to do my own list of simple pleasures now.

AMD said...

Simple pleasures, Winter '09-'10 version:

1. Really good coffee. At home.
2. Listening to oldies, including classic country.
3. Sunshine on my face.
4. Being in love with my house despite it being far from complete. An instant lasting love connection.
5. ATM still makes me mix cds. <3
6. Right back atcha, Alannah!
7. Appointing myself as "Auntie" to Luca P. who will be here any day now. I am very much excited about this new role.
8. Gas heater in the bathroom. Never take a cold shower again!
9. Wii. It makes my sister come visit much more! And it's fun to flail around in the living room and watch others do so!
10. Having a table to sit at.
11. Our stuff is slowly but surely finding it's place around here.