Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Other Stuff...

I'm in trouble with my friends who check back here, hoping to read something new or amusing only to see the SAME OLD SHIT. It's true...I've been really bad about making time to write and create something interesting or entertaining. I resolve to be better. The month of March will bring all sorts of new and better changes, including to this here place.

I keep blaming it on my lack of a decent laptop that would enable me to blog from bed. Isn't that the ultimate in laziness? That's why I need a better laptop! I could update from my phone...but I like to be able to fuss with format and titles and such, which I can't do with mobile blogging.

D. and I hosted a party a few weeks ago (as I update this I realize it was a month ago). We'd had barbecues and small get togethers but we decided that it was the doldrums of Winter and everyone was cranky and we wanted to throw a party, make some good food, maybe play some music, and just get people together. It was really fun! We had a great turnout, a very good mix of people, and we didn't go to bed until 3am...surely a good sign of a good time, right?

We need to do this once a month because it was so much fun. And there were plenty of Eureka friends present, which always makes me happy and instantly feel more comfortable.

Pearl went crazy on the Omnichord
The music room turned into the jam space. I think this is the first time I've posted a picture of our music room. D. did it all by himself! This is actually our garage - can you believe it?
Still life. Every party needs fruit, cheese, and candles.
Hmm, this is all out of order. This is a random photo of one of our family's favorite dishes - spaghetti squash and sauce. So delicious.
Butternut squash in preparation for roasting. Then the squash got squished with goat cheese and sage and turned into butternut squash lasagna.
Valentine's dinner with our friends Dub and Bridget who made crab legs with roasted grape tomatoes and a spinach salad.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I don't often write here about my most personal struggles. Sometimes because I'm painfully aware of the permanence of writing that goes out on the internet, sometimes because I want to keep things private. But I'm really struggling with the fact that Stella's father hasn't paid child support regularly since the summer of 2008. I know that times are tough and jobs are scarce. But I had to continue paying my student loans, even when I was mostly unemployed and worked making cookie dough back in 2004/2005. A responsibility is a responsibility, especially to your own children. I'm just about to the point of taking this case to the county prosecutor's office, because at this point it's become a felony offense (due to the arrears being so high in number).

It saddens, frustrates, and ultimately angers me when people are irresponsible where their children are concerned. I won't even get into the complex and sad history of missed opportunities and abandoned attempts at forging a relationship between a father and daughter. I have my own heavy, weird, sad history within this topic, after all.

I don't know how to make it right.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I gots it!

Unfortunately I was so crazy busy during the summer of 2008 I didn't watch a single bit of the Beijing Olympics and maybe I'm trying to make up for that now. But I've always loved the Winter Olympics, which is kind of crazy because I don't live in any kind of winter sports-friendly place. I've only been downhill skiing once and ice skating a handful of times. Still...I love to watch the Olympics. One of my 100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die is attend an Olympic event. I love the stories. I love hearing about how athletes overcome adversity. I discover new people to root for...like this year's Gold Medal winners for pairs ice skating - the couple from China. Oh how I boo-hooed when I saw their story.

I'm looking forward to women's snowboard cross and of course, individual ice skating.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grumble, Grumble

There is something wrong with me. I think I could sleep 16 hours a day if I were left alone. Is it Winter? Am I depressed? Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Where the hell is my get-up-and-go? If you say it got up and went I will hurt you. Although I did leave an opening for that reply, I admit.

Yesterday I fell asleep at SIX PM, y'all. SIX. I woke up briefly at 11pm to bark at Stella to get in bed and then I fell back asleep. What the hell?

I'm also on day six of a parasite cleanse. Sound gross? Well, it isn't. Yet. I dunno, maybe I don't have parasites. But I sure did convince myself that not only is my gut teeming with nasty critters, but so is everyone else's that I know. Do NOT take my lead and spend three days doing internet research on internal parasites. You will freak yourself out so bad. But I'm not following this cleanse to the letter. I'm doing tinctures of Wormwood and Black Walnut Hulls and taking capsules of freshly-ground cloves but they're mostly just making me gag. I was really hoping that parasites were the answer to my poor skin, energy levels, and general bad mood. If not, then I'll know that the problem really is ME.

We've had snow on the ground for almost two weeks now. This is very unusual for Arkansas. The cats HATE IT. They whine and whine to go outside and as soon as I open the door and they see the white and feel the arctic blast, they look up at me like "Why are you continuing to let this happen?" While it's nice to think that I'm god to someone, I also wish they could be outside more and destroying my houseplants less.

That look the cats give me is the same one my students give me when they want to travel somewhere within the US. I do airline ticket searches and come up with prices usually around $300-400 to go to the major cities and they look at me like, "That is not possible. Why is everything so expensive in the US?" Then they come back to me with cheaper Greyhound prices....and I have to explain that it will take four days to get to NYC and you might be mugged and fondled multiple times during those disastrous travel days. Then they look at me again like "How can you live in this horrid, expensive country?" And I shrug and move along, just like with the cats.

News Flash: I don't control the weather OR airline ticket prices, folks. Sorry! Now, please be quiet so I can go back to sleep....

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Imaginary Boyfriends

D. tries to tell me that he doesn't have imaginary girlfriends but I find that nearly impossible to believe. (Remind me to tell you the adorable story of D.'s celebrity crush). My life? It's littered with imaginary boyfriends, past and present. Let's not talk about the old ones (coughNicholasCagecough).

These are my currents:

Tim Geithner is my White House Imaginary Boyfriend. He's had a rough past few weeks, though...Poor guy. Here, come to Mama. Let me make it all better...
Colin Firth WAS my Proper English Actor Imaginary Boyfriend until two days ago when he became my Oscar-nominated Imaginary Boyfriend.

So that means Jeremy Northam moves up and becomes my Proper English Actor Imaginary Boyfriend. Lucky man.

Did anyone see pictures of Jon Hamm with a beard? Yowza. He is my Too Good For Television Imaginary Boyfriend.

Eric Ripert is my Hot French Chef/Too Good For Television Imaginary Boyfriend. Have you ever heard this man talk? It's sinful...

Who are your imaginary boy/girlfriends?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Home Is Where The Snark Is

I want to protect my daughter's privacy and allow her teenage transgressions to happen in relative obscurity, but I will say that I do not feel comfortable leaving town if she is not with me, no matter what arrangements I have made for her care when I'm gone. So I sort of feel like I'm grounded, too. I wanted to visit friends in Little Rock this weekend because I never go to Little Rock just to have fun and not work. But I'll be at home. Where I've been since well before the holidays. Home, home, home. Good thing I love home.

But it's getting to me. So last night, after a glass or two of bubbly had gone straight to my head, I decided to have a party Saturday night. Relaxed and casual, but still - a party! I want to make party food and build a fire and clean the house and have people over.

Speaking of food, I know I've been totally neglecting the "Meals" section of this here blog. Why don't I pull out my good camera to document each step of the meal? Well...it's Winter. The light isn't good in the kitchen this time of year. But really? I just forget. Luckily I sometimes remember to snap photos with my phone. So here are some phone photos of recent meals:

You can't really tell what this is, but I bet you know it's Winter food. Bear grub. It's leftover shepherd's pie with a hearty mushroom sauce on top. Eaten while wearing wool socks and watching the snow fall. Nothing goes better with a can of champagne (ha!).
This was a breakfast I made myself over the snow holiday. It's corn tortillas filled with a slice of ham and some white cheddar topped with fried eggs, salsa, and arugula. YUMMY brunch at home food.
Stella requested Thai noodle soup last night so I cut a bunch of corners and made it quick and dirty (and delicious) using canned chicken broth, coconut milk, frozen shrimp, tofu, ginger, onions, red pepper, jalapenos, and garlic. Then I just assembled all the toppings - cellophane noodles, bean sprouts, cilantro, green onions, fresh jalapenos, and Sriracha sauce.
I can't wait to have leftovers tonight!

Oh looky here. This isn't a meal. But he's so little and skinny you could probably wrap a hot dog bun around him. Trouble maker!