Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grumble, Grumble

There is something wrong with me. I think I could sleep 16 hours a day if I were left alone. Is it Winter? Am I depressed? Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Where the hell is my get-up-and-go? If you say it got up and went I will hurt you. Although I did leave an opening for that reply, I admit.

Yesterday I fell asleep at SIX PM, y'all. SIX. I woke up briefly at 11pm to bark at Stella to get in bed and then I fell back asleep. What the hell?

I'm also on day six of a parasite cleanse. Sound gross? Well, it isn't. Yet. I dunno, maybe I don't have parasites. But I sure did convince myself that not only is my gut teeming with nasty critters, but so is everyone else's that I know. Do NOT take my lead and spend three days doing internet research on internal parasites. You will freak yourself out so bad. But I'm not following this cleanse to the letter. I'm doing tinctures of Wormwood and Black Walnut Hulls and taking capsules of freshly-ground cloves but they're mostly just making me gag. I was really hoping that parasites were the answer to my poor skin, energy levels, and general bad mood. If not, then I'll know that the problem really is ME.

We've had snow on the ground for almost two weeks now. This is very unusual for Arkansas. The cats HATE IT. They whine and whine to go outside and as soon as I open the door and they see the white and feel the arctic blast, they look up at me like "Why are you continuing to let this happen?" While it's nice to think that I'm god to someone, I also wish they could be outside more and destroying my houseplants less.

That look the cats give me is the same one my students give me when they want to travel somewhere within the US. I do airline ticket searches and come up with prices usually around $300-400 to go to the major cities and they look at me like, "That is not possible. Why is everything so expensive in the US?" Then they come back to me with cheaper Greyhound prices....and I have to explain that it will take four days to get to NYC and you might be mugged and fondled multiple times during those disastrous travel days. Then they look at me again like "How can you live in this horrid, expensive country?" And I shrug and move along, just like with the cats.

News Flash: I don't control the weather OR airline ticket prices, folks. Sorry! Now, please be quiet so I can go back to sleep....

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