Thursday, February 04, 2010

Imaginary Boyfriends

D. tries to tell me that he doesn't have imaginary girlfriends but I find that nearly impossible to believe. (Remind me to tell you the adorable story of D.'s celebrity crush). My life? It's littered with imaginary boyfriends, past and present. Let's not talk about the old ones (coughNicholasCagecough).

These are my currents:

Tim Geithner is my White House Imaginary Boyfriend. He's had a rough past few weeks, though...Poor guy. Here, come to Mama. Let me make it all better...
Colin Firth WAS my Proper English Actor Imaginary Boyfriend until two days ago when he became my Oscar-nominated Imaginary Boyfriend.

So that means Jeremy Northam moves up and becomes my Proper English Actor Imaginary Boyfriend. Lucky man.

Did anyone see pictures of Jon Hamm with a beard? Yowza. He is my Too Good For Television Imaginary Boyfriend.

Eric Ripert is my Hot French Chef/Too Good For Television Imaginary Boyfriend. Have you ever heard this man talk? It's sinful...

Who are your imaginary boy/girlfriends?


AMD said...

this is great. i can't wait to gush, i mean CHAT tomorrow.

kmhd said...

My imaginary husband: Ryan Gosling

My imaginary tall glass of water boyfriend: Lee Pace

My imaginary Eurotrash boyfriend: Alexander SkarsgÄrd

Anonymous said...

Zachary freaking Quinto:

Alan Cumming is my next-best:


Miranda said...

I find it quite adorable that the majority of these guys look a lot like your real life boyfriend. :) I guess I know your type!