Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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I'm in trouble with my friends who check back here, hoping to read something new or amusing only to see the SAME OLD SHIT. It's true...I've been really bad about making time to write and create something interesting or entertaining. I resolve to be better. The month of March will bring all sorts of new and better changes, including to this here place.

I keep blaming it on my lack of a decent laptop that would enable me to blog from bed. Isn't that the ultimate in laziness? That's why I need a better laptop! I could update from my phone...but I like to be able to fuss with format and titles and such, which I can't do with mobile blogging.

D. and I hosted a party a few weeks ago (as I update this I realize it was a month ago). We'd had barbecues and small get togethers but we decided that it was the doldrums of Winter and everyone was cranky and we wanted to throw a party, make some good food, maybe play some music, and just get people together. It was really fun! We had a great turnout, a very good mix of people, and we didn't go to bed until 3am...surely a good sign of a good time, right?

We need to do this once a month because it was so much fun. And there were plenty of Eureka friends present, which always makes me happy and instantly feel more comfortable.

Pearl went crazy on the Omnichord
The music room turned into the jam space. I think this is the first time I've posted a picture of our music room. D. did it all by himself! This is actually our garage - can you believe it?
Still life. Every party needs fruit, cheese, and candles.
Hmm, this is all out of order. This is a random photo of one of our family's favorite dishes - spaghetti squash and sauce. So delicious.
Butternut squash in preparation for roasting. Then the squash got squished with goat cheese and sage and turned into butternut squash lasagna.
Valentine's dinner with our friends Dub and Bridget who made crab legs with roasted grape tomatoes and a spinach salad.

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