Monday, March 22, 2010

More HCR Thoughts

Okay, so I spent some time reading tweets (gag) with the #hcr hashtag (double gag) today and noticed that those opposed kept linking to two things over and over - a CNN poll that stated that 59% percent of Americans are opposed to the health care bill. Now, I can't find a single link to that poll that isn't from a conservative blog or website. It doesn't even appear as a link, only a .pdf. I don't even know if this poll is legit. How can that be?! Perhaps because, if they read the text of the poll they'd see that of that 59%, 13% said it was because the bill wasn't liberal enough? This is the big problem I have with statistics that people flash around and don't take the time to research. The other link I see over and over is to this poorly-written and obviously partisan article called "20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms." Nice title, eh? The text of it is so full of misleading facts and mean-spirited phrases ("Your employers' slacker children" comes to mind) that it hurts my brain, and my bleeding heart.

I don't even want to link to the article and add to its pageloads. You can search for it and find it easily if you want. After a few hours of reading what The Other Side has to say about things I feel that I can securely state that I am on the right side here. I'm on the side of compassion and empathy and doing what should be done, because it can be done. Do I wish we could all just hold hands and sing a song and become friends again? Fuck, no. I'm angry. I'm sick and tired of name calling and fear mongering and meanness.

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