Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Past Few Weeks in Pictures

A few weeks ago, we were lucky to have a return visitor. We hosted Nozomi, from Japan, last year for three weeks when she was here on a sponsored visit to Arkansas through her university. We've hosted for this program for the past few years and always enjoyed it, but we just had a special connection with Nozomi. She was so much fun and adventurous and independent. She had the opportunity to come back to the States this spring. She did a short internship at an elementary school in Michigan and then visited a few cities and returned to Fayetteville to see her friends, including us, from last year. It was really great getting to see her again and I hope one day we can visit her and her family in Hiroshima, her hometown.

Here she is with Stella at a dinner theater performance by Stella's G/T class. Stella was a server for the dinner portion. I could really get used to having her serve me! Such cute smiles.
Last week I met a friend for lunch over at the Student Union here on campus. After lunch we went to the coffee shop and were surprised to see this sign at the register. It begs so many questions - why only espresso? Do they check IDs? Was there a problem that led to this? Unfortunately the woman working was no help and I'm left to ponder these things at 3:30am.

Last Friday (March 19) was gorgeous and sunny and I even got the beginnings of a sunburn while soaking up the rays and delicious 70 degree weather. Saturday morning we woke to rain, which quickly transitioned to sleet and then snow. And it kept coming. Sunday morning looked like this:
I think we got at LEAST 10 inches (how can one control oneself from NOT making "that's what he/she said" jokes? I need help).
This is the most snow we've had in several years. On the first day of Spring!
We all went a little stir crazy. Especially these guys:
Rocket baits Chicklet. She sits there calmly as he twists himself all around and then BAM! She goes in for the kill. It was more entertaining than health care talking heads.

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