Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pictures Of The Week

I'm a grammar nerd who gets a big kick out of The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. I've been reading it for a few years and now I think my eyes are trained to notice them more than ever. Yesterday I was getting gas and noticed this lovely sign. Err, "notice." So is it really a notice, or just a sarcastic reference? And really, this is just a smörgåsbord of punctuation marks, wouldn't you say?
In other news, I've been on a big internal Spring Cleaning. And no, that wasn't a reference to the parasite cleanse (now over and nothing exciting to report. Sorry, Kelly). I'm getting my ass in GEAR! I've been cooking and eating much healthier and making a point to exercise at least a few times a week. My friend Pearl and I go walking together when we can. Last Friday we walked up and around the big hill behind her house and then got down to the fun part: drinking wine and playing with her new puppy, Captain.
Lucy is so sweet and gentle with puppies. She should have been a mama. Here she and Captain are, looking adorable sticking out their tongues.
And a sweet kiss. Notice sneaky Millie in the background.

And dogs aren't the only animals killing me with cuteness. Rocket (who we're pretty sure is autistic, but that's for another post. Sheesh) stretched out on the bed Saturday afternoon. I had briskly walked four miles, had some sushi with my awesome friend Liz, and perused Target all before 1:00pm so when I came home and found this I couldn't resist a little nap.
I love, love, LOVE this snapped nap photo of D. and Rocket from a few weeks ago. Rocket will only allow D. to hold him this way. I'm blind with jealousy and knocked out by the overwhelming adorable-ness of this picture.

This has a long intro story. A few months ago when D. and I went to hear David Sedaris, I stood in line for over two hours afterward to get a book signed. I'd waited for him to sign my copy of Naked a few years ago and then loaned it out and forgot to whom. And I just had to have another signed book of his. The wait didn't bother me. I actually had a lot of fun, chatting away with my friend Jennifer and her daughter Greenley the whole time. D., however, couldn't deal so he decided to have a little solo pub crawl up and down Dickson St. while the line moved in incremental inches. He reappeared just in time to get the book signed, buzzed and bored. Turns out he'd discovered a new drink that he loved: the Appletini. Ever since then he wants that drink when we go out. I will probably never tire of bellying up to the bar and saying, "A whiskey on the rocks for me, and an Appletini for the gentleman." That's my lady-like boyfriend! Last weekend I got the ingredients to make them at home and I must say, they're deliciously simple to prepare at home - equal amounts vodka, apple schnapps, and apple juice shaken with ice and poured into a martini glass. We made drinks and appetizer snacks and stayed in Saturday night, enjoying the perks of being grown-ups.


ste-pha-nie said...

I love that you spelled smörgåsbord with all the right letters!
Rocket is so sweet, so snuggly looking when he's sleepy. And the spring cleaning bug hit me last night, weirdly... that strange mix of Wanting to clean and Enjoying it too.

Alannah said...

Stephanie, that was solely for your benefit! I would be ashamed to mis-punctuate a Swedish word, knowing you'd read it!

Also, I passed you AGAIN this morning in the school line. Stella thinks you're ignoring me. ;-)

kelly said...

I would like to have that puppy now please. And sweet sleeping little kitty... I think Rocket & Dave have the same expression.