Friday, March 05, 2010

You Get Me In A Room Of High Class People...

I LOVE BILL WITHERS! I think it was my friend Jude who long ago turned me on to him. And I've been thanking her ever since.

I loooove this slowed-down but no less funky version of "Use Me," the sexiest song every about masochism.

And there was a phase, in the late '90s, where the only tool I had in combating depression and stress was listening to "Lovely Day" each morning. You can not have a bad day when it starts with that song.

If you're wondering what happened to him over the years, then you'll be as thrilled as I was to hear the story on NPR yesterday about the two filmmakers who followed him around for two years to make the documentary Still Bill.

Apparently the filmmakers will send you a copy of the movie if you agree to host a screening. Are there enough Bill Withers lovers in Northwest Arkansas to qualify for a screening? Because I really really want to see this. If you listen to that NPR story, you'll hear a snippet of Bill singing with his daughter. Based on that scene alone, the documentary will be awesome.

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Jude said...

Well, you know I'll come....and Abbey.
Love you miss you!