Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spokane Do (Ouch. Sorry)

Two weeks ago I went to Spokane for a conference. I had driven through Spokane once, 16 years ago on a road trip out west. It was a blur between Missoula and Seattle. I was looking forward to spending a little more time there and experiencing a new place. What I didn't count on was being so busy with the conference that I didn't see the light of day for the first two days of it. I learned so much, though, that I felt like I got another college degree in those four days. The highlight was the keynote speaker, Reza Aslan, who I knew from his Daily Show appearances and writings on The Daily Beast. He is very personable, intelligent, funny, and real. I will go over my notes and let y'all know the key points of his talk. The most important thing I came away from it was that media will be key in making connections with younger generations, whether they be Muslim, Christian, American, Iranian, Palestinian, etc. Media such as film and internet are how people create identity and community and are key in bridging gaps.

My sister and Dad drove over from Oregon to spend the last two days with me. It was the perfect way to cap off a fascinating and (mentally) exhausting trip.

I was glad to be sitting in a window seat when we took off from Denver:

This is the Spokane river the runs through (it. Sorry. Can't help but make a film reference) the downtown.
I wasn't the only one drawn to the photogenic bridges and water:

Some found art tucked under the handrail of a pedestrian bridge:
Beautiful, intricate brickwork:

Is there a more lovely and descriptively-named tree than the Weeping Willow?

In contrast to the older, more natural architecture was this weird building:

Lots of public art in Riverside Park, including this fun, gigantic red wagon:
And these blocks:
And this cool sculpture built by the city's most famous artist, Harold Balazs:

My sister Kate and dad, Richard:
Looking east from my hotel window:
The conference ended on Saturday and that afternoon we explored the city. There was an Earth Day street fair happening and we came upon a display of rescued raptor birds. Confession: I LOVE BIRDS OF PREY. I think they are majestic, powerful, beautiful creatures. I love spotting hawks when I'm driving around in the country. I've only seen a few owls in the wild but feel extra lucky when I do. So you can imagine my excitement when I came upon this:

More downtown shots:

On our last afternoon, Kate and I stopped for picnic supplies (wine, cheese, rosemary crackers, smoked oysters, apples, chocolate) and we found a warm patch of sunlight on the banks of this river to spend probably one of the best afternoons in recent memory together:

My trip home was annoying (typical airline bullshit), cold, rainy and punctuated by killer cramps. That's the way it goes, eh?

Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm workin' on a post. I am! I've been out of town, and then back in town and quite busy. Lots of pictures to upload and stories to tell. check back!

In the meantime, enjoy some entertainment from the Mandrell Sisters. I used to watch this show at my grandparents' house when I'd stay with them on the weekends. I remember watching Hee Haw, the Mandrell Sisters show, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and on racy Wednesday nights, Dynasty!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My friend Christina recommended the Hipstmatic application and I must say, it's my favorite photography app. I love how it alters the look and feel of normal kinda crappy iPhone pictures.

Here's my gorgeous sister last Sunday, on our Mexican food & margaritas date:(See? Amazing what this app does to an average patio picture)

And here's my adorable niece, Lily, taken at my mom's house on Saturday when we did the yard sale. I hadn't seen her in over two years and really enjoyed spending some quality time with showing her how to make a dandelion necklace!

Also...ahem, if my friend AiLien doesn't do a write-up of her new iPad I might have to disown her! I'm dying of curiosity to hear a real-world review!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Funnies

I'm sunburnt in April and that feels pretty good. That's what an epic two-day yard sale does to a girl. I also managed to squeeze in pizza & beer on a deck with good friends, mimosas on our back patio with Hannah, margaritas & tacos with my sister, AND a fun night of dinner & wine on the Kings River with all sorts of good people and a private concert by D. Well done, weekend - well, done.

This was fun to watch:

PS - I swear I don't usually drink all weekend.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Phone Pics

Yesterday, in a fit of desperation, D. went clothes shopping. I don't think he'd bought new jeans for himself since Reagan was in office. He also got his hair cut yesterday and I surmised he had discussed his need for new jeans with our stylist/bff Sunshine when I found this note on the bed with a bunch of clothing tags. It's his shopping crib sheet! This is a great idea...I can see it benefiting lots of dudes.

In other news, Rocket is a Rockette. And she's in heat. I won't go into the comedy of errors that happened the other morning preventing her from going to the vet and getting spayed, but now we have to wait until April 21st. In the meantime, she can make sweet love to my shoes.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

...And I'll Cry If I Want To

Well looky who's disappeared again. It's not like I intended to. I've had the end of one term, the beginning of another, meeting D.'s dad and step-mom for the first time, Stella's birthday, and my birthday all in the past two weeks.

My birthday week a word, pretty shitty. Just frustrating work-wise and then having to clean up Lucy diarrhea all over the carpet for a few days in a row and then, the night before we were supposed to have my birthday party, our hot water heater broke and leaked out all over. Good times.

But I promise not to be such a downer. I'm excited about going to this conference next week and hearing Reza Aslan speak and attending all the interesting sessions. Plus - Spokane, WA, a city I've only driven through...and that was 16 years ago.

Other things to look forward to - starting my garden and going camping.

That's all I got.