Monday, May 24, 2010

She Be Illin'




LAST Sunday (Apr. 30), Stella woke up with a low grade fever and congestion. I did the normal mom thing to do (Ibuprofen for fever, made soup, told her to rest, pushed lots of fluids) but Monday she stayed home. Then Tuesday she still felt terrible and STILL had a fever. So Wednesday morning I decide to take her to the doctor. Well...long story, but we ended up in the ER for five hours in order to find out that she's got Mono. A bad case of it. Her tonsils are the size of quarters and covered in a gross white film. She's the sickest she's ever been.

Now, after eight days, she's finally showing signs of improvement (now that she's on steroids to reduce the tonsil swelling and antibiotics in hope they'll treat the tonsil part of her illness....but there's no medication to treat the Mono virus so it's mostly been a lot of couch time, feeling terrible, for Stella.

My sister Jessy and I had planned to go to Chicago for the weekend. We were going to take Stella as a girls' weekend away. We were going to attend a Green Festival, and take Stella to the Art Institute. And spend time together in a way in which we've never had a chance in the past.

And then the Mono came. Disappointment piled on top of worry, mixed with exhaustion, sprinkled with sadness.

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Stephanie said...

That does not sound like fun.... bigtime bummer. And I hope she's feeling much better by now.