Monday, May 10, 2010

Thirty One Through Forty

Remember my list of 100 Things I Hope To Accomplish Before I Die (reFUSE to use the term "b****et list"...I just think it's gross)?

Well it's high time I added some things to it. HIGH TIME.

Without further ado:

31. Plan a vacation around wineries that I can visit with wine experts, such as my amazingly knowledgeable and awesome sister, Angela. I had an opportunity to take such a vacation in two weeks but can't take it. Other priorities took hold (car repairs, parenting, schedules, etc) and I'm so sad I can hardly type these words. I can't imagine a more fun vacation then to visit Napa Valley with three smart, gorgeous, wine expert I can only hope the opportunity arises again.

32. Teach adults to read.

33. Paint. On canvases. And resolve not to be embarrassed by the results.

34. Own horses.

35. Read the Bible, Qu'ran, and Torah. Then write the mother of all compare/contrast essays. Just kidding.

36. Make a cookbook of all my favorite recipes that I can pass down to Stella for when she leaves home.

37. Become reasonably proficient in Photoshop.

38. Solve a mystery.

39. Become ordained through the Universal Life Church and officiate a marriage ceremony for good friends.

40. Make perfect crème brûlée at home. I want that torch!!


Marty Maxwell Lane said...

i can help with 37 :)

ste-pha-nie said...

I agree, "b****et list" does sound gross. Number 33....... oh, big sigh. Me too.

I LOVE Number 36. My mom did something similar. I didn't appreciate it much at the time she gave me the collection - but now those recipes are a prized treasure.

Anonymous said...

#31 There will be plenty of opportunities for this. WE WILL TAKE THIS TRIP TOGETHER!!! I PROMISE!!! But we will miss you terribly this time around! :(

#35 You should watch Jim Jefferies latest stand up special called "I swear to God." It's awesome! He says the jury is still out with him in regards to heaven and hell because he is still waiting for Satan's book for his side of the story. Fair enough...

#36 My stepmom, Karen, did this for me as an xmas gift a few years ago and I love it. Especially, since she's a Southern woman, the cookbook is filled with delicious things I grew up with that I probably wouldn't think to cook with after years working in a restaurant. Ingredients such as cans of cream of mushroom, creamed corn, sour cream, velveeta, canned biscuits, and lots of cream cheese. Mommy comfort food. Think Sweet Potato Queens... I dream of doing this for a child of mine someday... Maybe I should write one for Lady just in case.

I love you!