Friday, May 21, 2010

This Morning in Female Political Anger

Scene: Two devastatingly attractive, witty, and intelligent women start with discussing birth control:

me: it's completely ridiculous that after how ever many years the best anyone can come up w/ for men is a fucking condom
Ai: i know
me: It's certainly a feminist issue
Ai: i know
me: where we're submitted to all sorts of crazy experiments
I honestly believe that each "new" form of hormonal bc is some scientific experiment.
Ai: oh, totally.
i am so over it
me: (male) scientists are just like "well...let's see what this does"
Ai: i mean, i don't think that is far fetched!
me: I'm ready for the guys to be treated like lab rats
let's just SEE what it does....hmmm, makes you lose your sex drive, your hair falls out, you want to kill yourself and cry for no reason?
Ai: as long as we push sexism farther back on the back burner, hell, it's been off the stove FOREVER, we can never fix the other biggies
like racism
which we fail at, too
me: the WORST PART is the lie we're told...."we're over those issues"
we're post-racial
Ai: and here i am, femi-nazi crazy pants, bein crazy!
me: what "wave" of feminism are we being told we're on now? Third? Fourth? Give me a fucking break
Ai: oh ho1
i learned how stupid (redacted) were earlier this week
me: oh I hate those moments
when you realize how vast the divide is bw people you thought you were on the same page w/
Ai: right?
and i may be over sensitive about it
me: what happened?
Ai: so, throw that in the mix
but, they didn't vote
me: huh?
Ai: and when they saw me, they must've instantly felt guilty because all at the same time, they started giving me their excuses
me: esp. w/ early's so. freaking. easy
yes it's somewhat of a "chore"...but no more painful than going to the grocery store during the evening rush
me: and if you shift your perception, it's not a chore at all....but a wonderful reward for being born in the richest country in the West
Ai: i mean, they can't make it any easier!
anyway, i guess i hold (redacted) to a higher standard
and that is just disappointing
oh, and (redacted) doesn't recycle either
me: I guess they could allow you to vote via text message...that would make it easier, you American Idol lazy idiots
Ai: it took all my energy to not go thru the trashcan and take it home
i am so stupid and naive
but, yes, i agree with you.
me: yeah, that's even worse than not voting in a primary
Ai: i'm not surprised
it hurts my heart
i went to work v sad
and (redacted) was like, "you look flustered and like you are about to cry''
me: if you can't trust your friends to do the right thing then who CAN you trust?
Ai: so i told him
and he was like, "fuck them! they don't deserve to vote!"
i thought about blogging about it
but that's so passive agressive
me: It's like Dave says when Stella complains about how "awful" we are - SHIP HER OFF TO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY
Ai: there's no good way to deal w this w/o looking like a jerk with poop on my lip
me: why can't we arrange an exchange program?
Ai: ok?
(redacted) was like, "i didn't know who to vote for"
me: I'd love to bring a young woman from India/Afghanistan/Guatemala and have them switch w/ (redacted) for a while
Ai: now, i don't expect people to vote exactly like me, but i supplied my people with information on candidates
me: Seriously...ask someone for a crib sheet. That's what I did
Ai: right
it's heartbreaking
me: It's got to be really hard to realize that you're going to have to distance yourself, at least emotionally, from your friends to save your own sanity
me: or otherwise lose your shit from biting your tongue/holding back!
Ai: i wanted to be like, "oh, so you're just a presidential election voter? pft."
i wish i was cool enough to tell people how i feel w/o people hating me
me: and it's the local elections, arguably, that affect our lives more on a daily basis
they are the foundation
for the up tops
Ai: to make matters worse, i took out my anger on (redacted)
who, the next day, sent me a stupid "i didn't vote" email
me: ugh
Ai: am i a lightning rod for this?
he was like, "i know booze-man is a tool, but don't know anything"
me: but (redacted) is younger and you prob. have more sway over
Ai: i told him he wouldn't get any sympathy from me and that boozman wouldn't even be on his ballot unless he was voting repub, etc etc.
me: boozeman is more than a tool. he's downright dangerous
Ai: right
peeps need to take this more seriously
me: he is so seriously rightwing that it's terrifying
Ai: this is war time
me: he's one of the "moral majority" right wingers
Ai: be serious for 20 mins. for one day
me: I get the fiscal no beef w/ them at all
but I believe it's my humanitarian duty to take down the ones who want to force their narrow & hate-based philosophy on my community
Ai: agreed
alannah, you are making me feel loads better.
me: I really wish some people could interact w/ people from countries that don't have the kind of democracy we have
Ai: i have been so down this week
so down
hurt heart
me: Dave and I semi argued about Rand Paul last night
me: I got SO PISSED about his npr comments about ADA
I mean, speechless over here
me: "put that person in a 1st floor office instead of putting in a $100,000 elevator"
Um, dude...please do not ever use such an inane example ever again
Ai: does he know that BP is an international corp.
really a FOREIGN one?
he is so ... disgusting
me: I watched the whole Rachel Maddow exchange
she was more than respectful
and, like a complete dick, he turned around and blamed her for the exchange
Ai: i love that he thought he could take her on
it must've occured to him
me: here's Dave's example of why the ADA might be too stringent (bless my goddamn boyfriend's heart) - five handicapped spaces at a golf course
me: he doesn't think handicapped people could play golf anyway
Ai: or climb mt. everest?
me: I was too tired to take apart every piece of how stupid that argument is
Ai: i think that's a failure to understand a person with a disability
me: people who complain about HC spaces are beyond ridiculous
Ai: we already fail them as it is
me: YES
Ai: mentally ill
me: PLUS...big you walk a little further
Ai: veterans
Ai: you need it, lard ass!
me: exactly!
Ai: (an aside)
me: my work w/ students who've been in wheelchairs has REALLY helped me empathize w/ the disabled
which is why Rand Paul's statement infuriated me
Ai: if the gov't didn't allot some things for them, you know, force us to be human, they would probs live on the street and in institutions
me: and TRULY be a burden on our state
Ai: right
we would treat them like vermin and a nuisance
me: it's shocking how quickly and easily people can become heartless
it really makes me wonder....are we fundamentally good inside (the Anne Frank view) or fundamentally assholes (the Orwell view)?
I wish I could cut and paste this conversation and lazily use it as a blog post
I guess I COULD. But would I?
Ai: you can
neaten it up a bit
fix my grammar
make me look good, alannah!


Okay, dear readers with differing views. I know you're dying to take us down. Go for it.


AMD said...

BUH-RING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Alannah said...

Leeet's get ready to rrrrrrrrruuuummmmbbbbllllee!

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with a thing! My long friendship with a former colleague suddenly chilled when he insisted that his wife have her tubes tied (invasive surgery) instead of his getting a vasectomy (out-patient snipping). I was further upset that the wife, also a friend, agreed. I had to distance myself from them both, or lose my shit...speaking of which, I wanted to express my appreciation for this line:

"It's got to be really hard to realize that you're going to have to distance yourself, at least emotionally, from your friends to save your own sanity or otherwise lose your shit from biting your tongue/holding back!"

Yes! Very timely for me! As I've got to do that very thing again. Today I get this reply from an old friend (?) who I'd e-mailed about my anguish seeing a news report on the wildlife tragedies in the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe.

She answers: "Sorry, but there is no way to help you feel better here. I also feel terrible pain about it. So I have begun to watch the BBC evening news. They are clearly not into shocking the audience to death with this."

GAWD! Of course they're not into shocking the audience with this!! BP is the UK's largest and most powerful corporation, dammit!! he said, channeling Lewis Black.

It's hard enough that no "grief shared" was offered, but to realize that someone I thought was much more aware and sensitive is actually that shallow and cold...

Commence distancing...

Stephanie said...

Oh, man. I had no idea golf courses have a bunch of handicap parking spots. I don't know what the fuss is - either non-handicapped people are too lazy (ironic) to walk the extra 20 feet or so, or the handicapped people are not incapable of playing golf while needing a close to the club spot for their car (also ironic.)
Weird. Ironic. Funny!

But the whole conversation began baout birth control, and I agree = it is AMAZING that no other ideas/systems/forms have been developed for men.