Sunday, September 26, 2010

Arrgghh...Behind Again!

I've slipped down the lazy slope of regular posting again. Apologies.

Two weeks ago, my friends Sunshine, Kelly, and I surprised our other awesome friend Marty for her 30th birthday. She recently moved to Kansas City (a much easier city for us to surprise her in...a 4 hr drive) and we snuck up one drizzly Saturday afternoon. We got her good and had a blast all being together and eating insanely delicious food. I can't wait to visit again!

For some reason I love taking photos of shuttered gas stations. Every time I drive to Kansas City I want to stop at Ozarkland. Finally I was with driving companions who were game.
Only at Ozarkland can you find such fascinating tomes like this:
And this:
And a wide variety of "fun" hats. Here Sunshine and I are the two oldest, grumpiest rave-goers ever:
This is a real billboard in Kansas City. I love how it is titled "Attention Ladies" and then quickly says "I know you are a man..."
Kelly and Sunshine at dinner
Marty and Patrick, the amazing husband who put the whole surprise together.
Patrick again.


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Marty Maxwell Lane said...

Love you Ladies.