Monday, September 06, 2010

True Holiday From Labor

We spent the weekend at our favorite place in northwest Arkansas - the banks of the Kings River. "We" being D., me, Stella, our newest housemate Rasha, an incredible woman (Fulbright scholar from Syria here to get her master's degree in Archaeology), and the two dogs. Not only did it somehow work, it was a magical, beautiful weekend that included sleeping in, finishing the novel I started back in June (Little Bee. Fantastic and haunting), cooking and eating several wonderful meals, swimming, exploring a cave, sunbathing, and a fun night out in town.
Bored teenagers binding their hands and feet.

Love those late summer colors:

Here is Rasha with Grayson, lead singer and banjo player for Mountain Sprout, one of our favorite local bands.
Rasha with Django.

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AMD said...

I love these photos! I am so relieved you got YOU time! You were in my dream last night. We had dinner, natch.