Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whoa, Out of Nowhere Soapbox Rant

Man, y'all...having a teenage girl in the house is like having a life-size pressure cooker running around, always under threat of an explosion of beans or rice or something boiling and nasty spewing all over the place.

Not really, but today did begin with hysterics and door slamming and lots of tears. I didn't mean to incite it. Really! Then the real story for her eruption came out and I am ONE LIVID MAMA GRIZZLY (ewww....thanks for ruining this image forever, Sarah Palin). Seems some teenage girls are using the internet to talk shit about my beautiful baby. Jeez, girls...get it together. It's bad enough having to be 15 and worried about everything in the world and completely stressed out all the time. But to have to on top of that worry about someone blabbing for everyone in Facebookland to see lies and insinuations and bullshit about you? I really want to reach through the computer screen and wring these kids' necks. I remember 10th grade. It was intense. If there were Facebook back then I would have loved/hated it. And that's the truth. I still do, as a matter of fact! Facebook - you are the devil: an evil temptation, a time waster, a shit-stirrer, an information conduit, a host for any number of parasitic lies, viruses, and ridiculous bullshit.

My point is...I forgive Stella for saying something awful to me this morning.

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ste-pha-nie said...

I am sorry Stella is having to deal with such nonsense, and I were you I would probably be fighting an urge to step in and somehow stand in front of her with my arms crossed, staring those mean girls in the eye, and squinting Clint Eastwoodlike.

I can't imagine what life would have been like for me in high school with cell phones, facebook and The Internet... I remember passing notes. During class we would write notes, or what could really be long drawn out texts with a hint of blog. It was an underground network too, because you could not let teachers catch you.

What many kids today don't realize, and I remind mine of this all the time, is that Facebook is checked as a matter of course by college admission offices and potential employers. And it never goes away.
I can't imagine finding some of my old emo stuff in 30 years - cringe!
Except back then it wasn't called emo. Just teenage angst. Or something.

I am just happy that most of the time our kids write with complete words, proper grammar, and usually in complete sentences. And they know the difference between they're and there, and their... and then and than... and your and you're....