Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He Is So Going To Kick My Ass

BLAH...Need to shake off that crappy mood from yesterday, despite still being in excruciating shoulder/neck pain. What better way to do that than to raid D.'s old photo collections. For those of you who know my wonderful, sweet, funny, smart, talented, considerate boyfriend, you'll be tickled to see these relics from the past.

80's D.....who WAS this man? With the mullet and the mustache? And this unforgivable Hawaiian shirt and multi-pocketed, pseudo parachute pants:
Rockin' out. Oh yeah....it's getting better. I'm on the verge of cracking a smile.

Just wait for the best one.

Are you ready?

THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! I feel infinitely better now. Yes, sweetie, don't worry. I blurred out the vulgar gesture that I can never imagine you doing now.
This is the man I love. What can I say? Don't you love him a little bit more now?


kelly said...

Are you in trouble yet?
So worth it.
Love that Dave!

Alannah said...

Last night his reaction was great: "What?? Why?? Where did you FIND these??" then, later..."You're lucky I'm too tired to kick your ass."