Saturday, October 09, 2010

Lulling Methods

I used to read before I went to sleep every night, until I moved in with a man who insists on watching Charlie Rose and MSNBC late at night. I tossed and turned with the voices of various pundits and newsmakers in my head until the magical Netflix for iPhone application debuted a few months ago. Now I watch my own personal movie! In the past few weeks I've watched Ira & Abby, Me and You and Everyone We Know, and Year of the Dog. My falling-to-sleep movie selections are running a solid B-.

I put off watching Me and You and Everyone We Know for quite a while out of a stubborn anti-hipster, twee, performance artist stance. But (here we go...) I honestly did like it! Mostly for the two young boys in it. And John Hawkes who is pretty much solidly awesome. It had an off-kilter pace and storytelling technique that I liked, and a genuine affection for the "good" characters. And hopefully it will give people pause before having cybersex (is that term even used anymore? I feel so 90s Gen X) with a stranger in a chat room. Here's a little secret: everyone lies on the internet! Except for me. I will tell you the truth.

As for the other two movies - they were ehh. Not awful, certainly more interesting plots than Avatar, kind of a small waste of excellent performers.

And this concludes my ridiculous, pointless film review post.

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Carolyn said...

I also expected to hate Me, you, and everyone we know but ended up loving it a lot. A lot a lot. There are some really beautiful moments in there. have you read any of Miranda July's short stories? They are very good too.

Year of the Dog was a strange movie, I'm still not sure if I liked it.