Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just To Kind Of Put Things In Perspective...

President Obama says he has some Lil Wayne on his iPod, and former President Clinton says he likes his music and wishes him well.

And former President George W. Bush says that Kanye West's criticism of his handling of Hurricane Katrina (remember that press conference in Jackson Square? Or flying over New Orleans? Or his mother saying that the horrific situation of the refugees was "working pretty well for them?") was the lowest point in his presidency. "Disgusting," even. Now, I do not think that GWB "hated" black people. But I do think he probably nary gave them a thought....they simply do not exist in his privileged, brush-hauling, ranch-dwelling, Rangers-cheering, white Texas world.

I'm really upset that more voters of my generation and younger did not turn out this election. This reveals to me that we've got to get the disenfranchised, the younger generations, and minorities (many of whom will not be minorities in the next 20 years) into the voting booths. It also shows that while Barack Obama has this demographic on his radar, most politicians do not. It's just as well, really. We cleaned out a bunch of Blue Dog Democrats (DINOs "Democrats In Name Only). I'm hoping in these next two years we get some younger, minority politicians ready to step up and work to bring in these voters.

I'm not saying, "Oh, we just need leaders who listen to hip hop." But it's further evidence of how out of touch the older, white leaders (exception: Bill Clinton, the "first black president") are.

I also happen to think Lil Wayne is off the radar of many older (including my Gen X generation), whiter Americans. He's a prolific genius, in my opinion. Check him out. He's insane. Enjoy your freedom, Mr. Carter - we need you on the outside, so don't mess up again.

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