Friday, November 12, 2010


That's me with my fingers in my ears. I am avoiding reality today. It is too painful and sad and heavy. Just take my word for it.

Hey whatever happened to the "mosque at Ground Zero?" Now that the election's over, no one seems to care.

What about that Russian spy ring? Who bought the rights to that movie soon to be starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel (he seems to play all sorts of nationalities), and Chris Cooper (oh wait...he was already in the Bourne movies. Scratch that and add Tim Robbins)?

Is there another organization as ridiculously REactive (as opposed to proactive) as our Transportation Security Administration?

I have been devouring the WTF Podcasts with Marc Maron like a starving (that word can almost be a portmanteau of "stark raving," an overly used descriptive term I still like) maniac.

Oh, life. Why must you be so intensely up and down and sometimes flatline boring?

Oh, Alannah. Why must you be so predictably polar?

Oh, Internet. Why must you be so wonderfully distracting exactly when I need it, but don't need it?

I'll stop now.

I went back to coffee today and it's apparent. Warm, dark, comforting caffeine bosom.

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