Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Direction, Possibly?

I'm kind of excited about this blog for the first time in...a year or more? I started this here blog over four years ago due to a horrifically boring job, feeling stagnant and frustrated in my life, and ready to take my personal writings public. In the beginning I was probably much funnier, much more topical, more musing. As my life changed dramatically and I got busier - busier with work, with a new relationship, a teenage daughter, it became more challenging to write the way I wanted to. I like to fiddle with my posts, editing and editing until I think I've got it exactly the way I want it. I like to make each post a small essay. I like to have a thesis, a point to what I'm writing.

I still carry a small notebook with me so I can jot down blog post ideas but they just look like funny, strange sentences to me: "Saxophone use in time-span montages in 80s films," or "The hold-the-pencil-straight-while-going-around-Ozark-curves car game," or "How to cook like a hippy Southerner." But instead of these posts, I lazily rely on photos or videos or quick links. You get the abbreviated, unthought-through version of my views. And that's not really fair to you, or to me.

I have been in a fog this week due to a LOT going on my personal sphere. I'm okay, myself...but am feeling the weight of serious happenings in my friends' lives. So I turned to my favorite opiate of the masses, television, last night. I caught up on a ton of Charlie Rose episodes on the DVR. During the day I've kept my headphones on constantly at work, listening to podcasts as I diligently answer emails, enter data, and plod along. I love the back and forth of these interviews. HELLO, DIALOGUE! You are wonderful! You make this human experience more meaningful. I want to do that. I want to ask questions. The best interviewers are those who are prepared (have done all the necessary background work to be familiar with the interviewee) but also engaged and interested enough to play it loose, to go in a different direction. Especially if the interviewee reveals something unexpected.

I posted kind of a flippant similar sentiment on Facebook and got a surprisingly large and serious response. Some people had some great ideas but my favorite one was to start interviewing people I know. So, from time to time I will post interviews I conduct with people in my life who I find interesting. The common adage says that "everyone has a story." I believe this.

Are you open to being interviewed? Email me if so.


Anonymous said...

you can interview me. :) i gots stories.

Stacy said...

What a great idea! You can grill me about some stuff if you want. :)

How exciting that you're feeling newly invigorated about your blog!

Alannah said...

I'm working on questions for BOTH of two of my favorite bloggers!

I Know Right? said...

Awesome! Ill read it up! And if you have any questions? Im game too.

Carolyn said...

I got stories too, some of them are made up but I can keep those to a minimum if you want