Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Weekends These Days

This whole month of November I've been going over to Patt and Craig's....at first thinking I was taking care of her as she recovered from gall bladder surgery and then knowing that there was a cancer diagnosis....cooking, cleaning, singing, surrounding her with that good energy. Even when my own energy has been exhausted, dark, cynical, and angry.

Stella and I haven't talked yet about the awful fighting of last week. But at least the tension has dissolved. She went with us last weekend to the river and it was good for everyone involved. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks:

A paper flower/ornament/decoration that Loretta and Audrey made. The young boys, Kole and Cavin, had an absolute blast dancing to D.'s guitar playing. Their #1 request? Songs about "spiders and snakes." So he played "Wipe Out" and the Batman theme song. They danced ferociously.
Last Saturday evening the full moon rose over the ridge at Trigger Gap.
Sacnite, one of the Three Stooges.
Clay, enchanting us with his music.
My Stella, giving Tigger some love.
D. and Clay....imagine the most beautiful guitar playing. Then imagine it doubled!
Clay loves Gonzai, the territorial but adorable Shiba Inu.
Patt and Craig have quality pets. Like Bella (naughty Django naps behind her).
And Tigger the kitty loaf.

We're keeping our spirits up. As of this afternoon I am OFF WORK until Monday! Angela is here in Arkansas! There are pies to be made. So, yeah...soldier on.


Cat Man Do said...

What a wondrously rich life you have! So many loving friends, those very lucky animals...and your cherished ones who may be passing or have passed, who will love you forever. Were I so lucky as you...in all honesty.

You're handling all your obvious pain in such an extraordinary way, my dear. Just the fact that you feel bad over a trivial confrontation with your teenager means you're a GREAT mom! (You should've seen MY kitchen sink last week! I could've put ANY teenager's mess to shame! I would win "gross out" over anything S. could produce, hands down!)

You're SO NOT the mother who is "never wrong" - never ever sorry for anything...not what I grew up with. (For those who don't know, my mom was Joan Crawford - yes, a beautiful star, but GOD HELP YOU if you used wire hangers or ate pie with a spoon! Seriously!!!)

I sure wish YOU had been my mom! You're human, you feel, you regret (how beautiful!). Your life is full of pain right now, and I know your daughter knows it well and loves you for being a real human being!

Big hugs,

Cat Man

Patt said...

Words don't come to express how happy and blessed that you are in my life. Your very presence, your laughter and humor, insights, tenderness and your thoughful cooking have enhanced my life greatly.
You are my family. And.. Stella is going to be an awesome grown woman.. teen years are gruesome!!

I love you,