Thursday, November 04, 2010


There seem to be three distinct "what"s:
  • "wha..?" where he drops off the "t" and says it a little under his breath, as though he's asking himself.
  • "what?" where the word is enunciated fully, but he's clearly annoyed and just wants to get the answer over with so he can move on with his life.
  • "WHATTT?" with a strongly emphasized and sharply pronounced "T." This is his pissed off question, incredulous, as though he can't believe what he just heard.
Yes, we have to invent new ways to think about Mad Men during the long 9 months or so between seasons.


kelly said...

I love his irritated What much more than his concerned What.

Alannah said...

I'd forgotten how much I want the Drapers' blue velvet tufted headboard...