Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Things & Good Times

Last Thursday my sister had a holiday open house at her boutique, Good Things. Just as it was starting, we were gifted with this incredible sunset (all these photos are time!):

Stella and her boyfriend, Ian, sipping hot cider. Those handbags behind Ian are awesome. I covet them.
Holiday shoppers at Good Things
Outside, looking in

The very next day after the Good Things open house, I got on a bus with 42 international students for an overnight trip to Kansas City. We had a great time, despite the frigid winds. We will definitely take students again...when it's a little warmer.

Our hotel was two blocks from the Country Club Plaza, with plenty of shopping for the students. Marty met me there and indulged my wish for some quick Christmas shopping at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.
We went to dinner in Westport. On our way to the restaurant we passed one guy with a guitar and an amp, just playing away in the freezing cold. Turns out he may be Christian Blues Jesus.
That's him.
Saturday morning Marty saved the day once more when the restaurant at the hotel was completely backed up. She took us to this incredible Swiss confectionery store, Andre's. I had to take photos of their amazing display cases:

It was FREEZING COLD at Liberty Memorial and the World War I Museum...but the view was great!

From there we went to the Nelson Atkins Museum. This was my third time to visit the museum. I have already sung its praises. I love this museum. Check it out - a Caravaggio!
And a gigantic Buddha.
A Bodhisattva who really, really looks like she's holding a remote control:
Did you know that way back when the Chinese kept and collected crickets and fought them, as in cockfighting? Here is a cricket fighting "stadium" from many centuries ago:
Another view. This was part of a display that also had elaborate cricket cages, tongs used to provoke them to fight and feeding troughs. CRICKETS!!
There was an exhibition of African art and textiles. Keith Haring, whether conscious of it or not, was directly informed by these kinds of designs.
Looking out toward the sculpture garden. That's a Rodin's Thinker and two of the iconic Shuttlecocks.

We got home late Saturday evening and all I could do was collapse on the couch and be disappointed by SNL. The dogs were very happy to have everyone at home together again, though. Look at these cuties!


lori said...

of everything you posted that I could comment on (clouds! GORGEOUS!), the part about the crickets stimulated a tiny little nearly-extinguished part of my brain that knows social psychology research. DID YOU KNOW:

cockroaches will run faster if other cockroaches are watching them (Zajonc, Heingartner, and Herman 1969)....unless they're running a complex maze, then the presence of observer cockroaches slows them down.

sigh. my field. :)

Stacy said...

That sunset is absolutely incredible!

Cricket fighting? In a teeny cricket stadium? Fascinating!